Director José Luís González Bedoya

37 millions of clams sold in 2017 and we are going to produce 110 millions everty year.

Is one of the most beautiful places in our facilities. Director Jose Luís González Bedoya with his team Manuel Fdez. de la Vega and Manuel Romano.


Director Ana Pazos
Forewoman María José Cortabitarte


Our products have the best genetics on the market. For more than 25 years we have been breeding fish from our select stock of more than 1000 breeding animals, in continuous renewal, we currently have more than 5000 pre-breeders waiting to be selected for our genetic lineage.

Forewoman: Cristina Franco.


We have a phytoplankton unit that use our own strains adapted to our production conditions to feed the rotifers and artemia that serve as live food for seabream and seabass larvae, with a production capacity of more than 300 kilos of annual dry matter.

Foreman: José Manuel Sánchez.

Live Feeds

Alimento vivo

50 billion rotifer stock, with a daily production of 12billion enriched rotifers and 6billion enriched Artemia to feed our seabass and bream larvae

Personnel: José Luís Fernández, Ángel Fernández y Carina Sainz.


We produce throughout the year high quality larvae of seabass and seabream.

This is where the new members of our hatchery begin to grow in a controlled environment.

Personnel: Juan Pedro Alvarez, Daniel Vallejo, José Ángel Cueto, Miguel Sanchez, Mariana García, Ricardo Gómez, Pablo Mantilla, David Ceballos y Paola Álvarez.


Director Juan Cigarria Álvarez


Foreman Ramón Fernández Posada

The best care for the new generations of certified fingerlings in a 100% ecological process.

We use cutting-edge technology implemented in state of the art facilities complemented an expert team with an average 15 years of husbandry experience.

Personnel: Eva Sánchez, Fe Vega, Sandra Vázquez, Ramón Vigil, Miguel Sánchez, Daniel Blanco, José García.


Foreman Ramón Fernández Posada



Foremen: David Borbolla

Personnel: Oscar Sánchez, Manuel Cordero, Ángel Fdez, Pedro González, Alberto Sánchez, Alberto Rodríguez, Pedro Luís González, Pablo Martín, Maite Díaz